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Visual Communication Design

We live in a world where visuality becomes increasingly more important. The messages of individuals, corporations and institutions to masses they want to reach is more and more channeled through well designed, manipulative 2D visuals. Therefore in our age Visual Communication Design discipline which brings up multi-tasked professionals, sought after all around the world, has become of remarkable importance to all those who do not want their message to be ignored.
Today, design-oriented thinking is a skill to develop and implement not only to professional designers but also to everyone who wants to achieve success in the market, shaped and led by competition. This thinking is only possible by the inoculation in professionals/designers, raised up in culturally diverse environments, of a “designer sensitivity”. This latter is capable of melting in one pot the psychological expectations, the sense of aesthetics and available working strategies together with methods that satisfy consumer’s technical needs.
Founded in 2004 to fulfill this need, the Department of Visual Communication at Izmir University of Economics, with its expert international faculty, endeavors to raise visual communication designers who are aware of the possibilities offered by the information age, have a high degree of visual communication and expression, can overcome obstacles by their raised intellectual faculties and who can come up with creative solutions.
Our curriculum envisions a practice-based and collective study process where students can discover their own potentials thereby develop their creativity with the support of our faculty members, all experts in various fields; illustration, typography, photography, computer graphics, video production, and/or packaging design. Moreover, our alumni who are specialized in the digital communication area can also work in fields which are becoming increasingly important such as; web design, video and film technology, 3D visualization and animation, sound and moving image design, interactive information design.
While greeting all new beginners with best wishes to perform their best in the years to come in order to become competent colleagues; to our alumni, whose success in business life makes us so proud, I send my warmest wishes to keep their contacts alive with us.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Zeynep ARDA
Department Head, Visual Communication Design

FADFvideo from IUE Visual Communication Design on Vimeo