Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design is a design discipline that produces visual products and visual narratives with a variety of tools, methods and technologies to convey any personal or corporate information or message clearer, more memorable and effective. Visual Communication Designer is the person who develops communication strategies and creative visual narratives to employ these creative methodologies to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional, printed or screened, still or moving or interactive visuals.

Founded in 2004, the Department of Visual Communication at Izmir University of Economics, with its expert international faculty, endeavors to raise visual communication designers who are aware of the possibilities offered by the information age, have a high skills of visual communication and narration, can overcome obstacles by their intellectual abilities and who can come up with creative solutions.

Our curriculum envisions a practice-based and collective study process where students can discover their own potentials thereby develop their creativity with the support of our faculty members, all experts in various fields; illustration, typography, photography, computer graphics, video production, experience design and service design. Moreover, our alumni who are specialized in the digital communication area can also work in fields that are becoming increasingly important such as; digital design, video and film technology, 3D visualization and animation, sound and moving image design and interaction design.

Visual Communication Design is at the intersection of other design disciplines and creative disciplines. Every design discipline needs a visual narrative and visual communication design tools and methods to visualize and communicate the information they produce, their work and its relationships with people. Therefore, Visual Communication Design students can collaborate with other design areas and take an active role in other design areas and creative industries in today's market conditions.

The Department of Visual Communication Design aims to develop knowledgeable, well-equipped and versatile designers who can produce creative and international design work in this versatile and entertaining field.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Gökhan MURA
Department Head, Visual Communication Design